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The Black and White Ball was a great success.The weather was perfect. The was even better than imagined. A flat even floor, easy, safe parting, food close by, great sound with the high, baffled ceilings and great use of the spaciness with decorated tables and plenty of chairs to make it a memorable social event.
And we are going to do it again. At this dance, the suggest dress is colorful. Use your imagination and be comfortable.
If you were at the Black and White Ball, and have any suggestions to make the evening even more fun, email them to us.

Saturday, August 26- The Encore Ball
Multnomah Arts Center, 7688SW Capitol Hwy.

The Encore Hall is an annual social dance event in the outdoors on our portable wood floor. The music will be a casual ballroom collection of Waltz, Swing and Latin from around the world appropriate for a summer evening in Portland.

Tickets are available online now below or at dances.

Tickets for August 26, Encore Ball

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About Multnomah Arts

The dance will be held under the roof of the basketball courts. Some positive aspects of this location are:

1. The size of the covered area is twice the size of our floor and is flat with plenty of area for chairs and tables off the dance floor.
2. It will provide protection from rain and provide shade on a sunny hot day, making it unlikely that we will need to worry about cancellation due to weather.
3. There is plenty of safe parking close to the dance site and as long as there is an event happening that evening, we will have access to rest rooms inside the MAC.
4. Multnomah Village has a number of great restaurants and taverns for a pre-dance meal or post-dance drinks and conversations. There are should be enough Sat. Evening activity in Multnomah to attract a small curious audience .

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