Portland Dance Eclectic Summer Balls

Aug. 26, 2023 Encore Ball at Multnomah Arts Center
Pictures here and on Portland Dance Eclectic Facebook page. If you have additional photos you would like added, let us know.

Saturday, August 26- The Encore Ball
Multnomah Arts Center, 7688SW Capitol Hwy.

The Encore Hall is an annual social dance event in outdoors on our portable wood floor. The music will be a casual ballroom collection of Waltz, Swing, and Latin from around the world appropriate for a summer evening in Portland.

The Encore Ball was another great event. We wanted to thanks those who helped to create there great atmosphere

Installing the Floor- Jerome Martin (especially for Encore ball where he was by hiself for much of the time), Steve Caruthers, Don Harvey, David Whalen Michard Shepherd
Set up and decorations: Colleen Suzanne, BerniceDietlein, Debra Ignuchi, Karen Maynard, Judy Large, Gary Gertsen, Gary Sick, Paul Ciri, Sharron Airey.
Disassembly and Clean was done quickly and efficiently by all those who were there at the end. Photography for Black and White: Merris Sumrall, Door: Gail Getz

What a great group we have!

Black and White Ball, Saturday, July 22, 2023

Photos by Merris Sumrall

Saturday, July 22- Black and White Ball
Multnomah Arts Center, 7688SW Capitol Hwy.

The dance was well attended, the weather was perfect and good times were had by all who attended. The site also worked out well. It was an easy site to set up: great parking, restrooms, food close by. The sound benefited from the high, baffled ceiling, and the decorations made the extra space we had to work with comfortable for socializing. Thanks to all those who helped with the floor and decorations and the group as a whole for supporting this dance.

Merris' Photos from the Black & White Ball are on the Portland Dance Eclectic Facebook Page

The approx.150 photos on this Facebook Album were taken and edited by Merris Sumrall. She made an attempt to get a photo of every person at the dance while there was enough light. A huge thank you goes out to her for doing this.
If while looking on Facebook you see a photo you would like a high resolution copy of, this can be done by downloading it with the Dropbox app, which is free:
Merris has provided us with this link that will be good for 30 days to do this. Tips for working with dropbox: on a desktop or laptop, look for the square in the upper right, made up of 4 very small squares. If you select the square, you can choose to see the photos in a large grid, making viewing easier.  Hover over the image and look for the three dots on the upper right to download an image.On the Dropbox app, it is a bit easier. I don’t think instructions are needed.  

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